Live Scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints in a digital format as opposed to traditional ink cards. Live Scan consistently provides high quality fingerprint images, which reduces rejection rates, saves money and processing times. The software features a preview capability, which allows each fingerprint to be displayed and inspected for quality control purposes. Only quality images are saved and transmitted to DOJ and FBI for identification processing.

The ORI Code on the top of the request for Live Scan From (BCII 8016) determines the Level of Service (government Fees) required for your background check.

Our rolling fee is negotiable for groups, schools, churches and other organizations.

Service Fees (subject to change by agencies)


Mobile Services:

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Words just can't express how much I appreciated the way they  get it done so efficently and are so professional. We needed a company willing to work with our schedule to have our students live scanned. They were so flexible and wonderful. We are very happy with their services and will use them again. Thank you

Katie T.

Live Scan Rolling Fee                              $25.00 *plus DOJ or/and FBI fees
Ink Fingerprint Card                               $25.00 per card plus $5 for print card if needed
Credit and Debit Fees                             $2.00 or 3% whichever is greater

Live Scan for DOJ and FBI fees collected are forward to the government agencies. The LIVE SCAN SERVICE FEES collected is what we keep for providing the service either for MOBILE or at our LOCATION appointment.

We do accept: Cash, Check. ATM cards, Credit Cards and if set up for billing (on account)